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Certificate of Science,
Master Instructor in the ThetaHealing modality
WANTED: Housing for International Holistic Practitioners Visiting Bigfork
WANTED: Summer Housing for Healers in Bigfork 2017. Dawn Maree, Booking Agent

for Holistic Instructors traveling to Bigfork/Ferndale

Are you a Bigfork/Ferndale resident with an extra furnished bedroom, studio or house interesting in renting it by the week to a trustworthy, visiting International, Adult Student this summer? If so, I can assist you.

Hi, I’m Dawn Maree and I’ve been providing housing to over 500 holistic instructors for 7 summers now since 2011.

I am an independent Certificate of Science, Master Instructor in a holistic modality that has relocated to the Ferndale area.

Thank you so much for your interest in learning more about being a housing provider for holistic instructors. I truly believe you will find this venture to not only be rewarding monetarily, but also one that will enrich your soul and afford you life-long friends from around the world... many of which will come back each year to stay again.

Based on enrollments, we anticipate over 1,000 students will travel to Bigfork over the course of the 3½ months of training (June-September 2017). Many will stay at hotels, but some prefer staying in home environments.

I have set up a housing infrastructure, but we need more local homes to fulfill the demand for summer housing.
Dawn Maree, ThetaHealing Certificate of Science, ThetaHealing Master Instructor providing housing as booking agent in Kalispell, Montana
Below are some  guidelines for you as you get acquainted with being a host for instructors traveling to Ferndale/Bigfork.

Student Demographics:
  • Adult students that attend teacher’s training come from all over the world.
  • Be prepared for meeting some amazing people.
  • They usually are 35-55, middle to upper class, studious, health conscious, heart centered, loving, compassionate individuals.
  • They are from all faiths and belief systems
  • In most cases, English is their 2nd language

Refer a Friend

        Receive $25 for each 
person you refer that becomes a
housing provider for Summer 2017.

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  • Some are vegetarian or vegan.
  • Most do not smoke or drink.
  • Some like to drink and smoke.
  • Most are very positive, wise souls that will touch your heart with inspiring stories of healings they have witnessed.
  • Most do not have transportation so location to downtown Bigfork or Brumar Estates is key
  • Most do not have pets
  • Some love to cook; others are simple eaters.
  • Most will seek a quiet, private space to study, meditate and rest.
  • Some don’t speak much English (but they will have translators)
  • May they open your mind and open your heart to so many new things.
  • Some may been much older, some in their 20’s

Recommended Minimum Stay:
  • 7 Nights = Weekly Rentals Only
  • Check-In: On or after Sundays 4pm
  • Check-Out: On or before Sundays 11am
Minimal Room Specifications:
  • Queen, Full or Twin Bed (Queen Preferred)   
  • Share Bathroom (with no more than 2 others)Closet (emptied with hangers)
  • Alarm Clock
  • Bi-weekly Housekeeping
  • Dresser (emptied)
  • Heating and Fans
  • Linens and Towels
  • Locking Bedroom Door/Key
  • Nightstand (1-2)   
  • Nightstand Lamp (no fluorescent bulbs)   
  • Small Desk and Desk Chair
  • Wall Mirror   
  • Window with Window Covering
  • WIFI

Recommendations from Previous Hosts in
Idaho Falls:

Hi Dawn, it is always a pleasure receiving a message from you. I am happy to speak with prospective housing providers about hosting for ThetaHealers. I had no theft whatsoever and minimal damage (less than $25) the entire time I hosted for ThetaHealers.

As a Landlord I am at a loss that I will not have the opportunity to host again for ThetaHealers. It was a huge blessing in my life.

It has left me and my wife living a ThetaHealing lifestyle and desiring to continue to have lasting relationships with all of the wonderful people who have stayed with us.

Dawn you are truly an amazing woman and I admire you! God Bless you for helping the ThetaHealers find accommodations to become healers themselves.

Strong Regards,
Marco H., Ammon, Idaho
House Amenities Needed for Student Guests
  • Assigned Bathroom Storage (medicine cabinet or shelving)
  • Assigned Pantry space
  • Assigned Refrigerator space
  • Full House Privileges
  • Mail Delivery
  • Parking for 1 vehicles
  • Shower Schedule
  • Washer/Dryer Use: 2 Loads per Week Complimentary
  • Weekly Grocery Run Included (Natural Grocers or their choice)
Pricing Recommendation:
Private Room/Share Bath: SINGLE Occupancy $300/week
Private Room/Share Bath: DOUBLE Occupancy Add $75 = $375/week
Private Room/Private Bath: SINGLE Occupancy Add $50 = $350/week
Private Room/Private Bath: DOUBLE Occupancy Add $125 = $425/week
Master Bedroom-Private Bath: SINGLE Occupancy Add $150 = $450/week
Master Bedroom-Private Bath: DOUBLE Occupancy Add $200 = $500/week

Other OPTIONAL Services Housing Provider Can Offer:
  • Meal Preparation: 2 meals a day (breakfast & dinner) 
  • Indoor Smoking    
  • Outdoor Smoking
  • Allowing Pet 
  • Garage Parking 
  • Additional Vehicle Driveway Parking
  • RV Parking: Full Hookup
  • Errand/Transportation: $15/Hr + Mileage ($.50/mile)
  • Excursions/Tour Guide: $10/Hr + Mileage ($.50/mile)
The pricing above are suggestions. You can set pricing as you desire. 

Student Matching Criteria:
  • House Provider decides what parameters and options are best for them to provide housing.
  • Length of Stay
  • Pets
  • Smoking/Non-Smoking
  • Other
  • House provider gets to choose to accept or reject a reservation request

House Provider Qualifiers:
  • Must own property OR have authorization to sub-let
  • Housing unit must be current on mortgage and NOT for sale, in foreclosure or eviction proceedings.
  • Renters or Landlord Insurance to cover liability required.

To see what last summer's housing directory looked like, Click here

If you would like more information on becoming a housing provider, please complete the following form and we will be in contact shortly to answer any questions and schedule a home visit.  

Feel free to call us at:
(406) 318-4382